Since its founding in 2012 the center has become the go-to place for hundreds     of neighborhood kids, parents, friends and families!

  • The Boys and Girls Club leases the center’s classrooms for over 60 kids enrolled in its after school and summer programs;
  • The YMCA leases the gym for its summer basketball program which serves over 75 boys aged 10-17 years old; 
  • Since 2016 the center has hosted a food pantry that serves 180 families every month on Saturday mornings; 
  • Home to Hip Hop radio station 90.7;
  • Meeting rooms are available for support groups; 
  • A gym and full kitchen are available for family parties and a variety of ethnic, social, and musical events.


     The East Bluff Center operates from the former St. Bernard’s Grade School   built in 1912, so funds raised for the center are used to support building       maintenance. Funding is a challenge, but not the biggest challenge to the   center’s survival.

    Statistics from the Peoria Police Department reflect that the neighborhood   around the center generates a high volume of resident  calls about crime,   nuisance, and blighted properties. The center is a beacon in the midst of these   threats to neighborhood stability and safety. If the center had to close due to a   lack of funding it is very possible that it would be shuttered and left to decay   like other old neighborhood schools in Peoria. The impact to the neighborhood   and our city would be devastating. Please consider making  a tax deductible   donation. 

   Call 839-0781, or make a check payable to:


   512 E. Kansas St., Peoria, IL 61603